Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Conference Volunteers

We believe that the key to a successful conference is putting together an excellent team of people who have the skills and drive to get stuff done. If you are interested in joining one or more subcommittees and sharing the load to make an awesome conference happen, please email our conference coordinator, Colleen Jones.

Looking forward to working with you!

Conference Coordinators:

WSRID: Colleen Jones & Anna Mansell Karagiannis
WSAD: Karen Atwood & Heidi Blankenship


  • Volunteer Coordinators: Tami Berk, Sam Smith, & Michelle Kriebel
  • Registration Team: Krystal Sanders & Kaycee Watson
  • Hotel Site/Food & Beverage Coordinator: Kristin Deverin
  • Programming Coordinator: Paul Glaser
  • Interpreter Coordinators: Gabby Hopkinson & Kam Butler
  • Marketing/Website & Technology Support: Elizabeth Bass & Jentzen Mooney
  • Entertainment: Joanna Smith, Jason Smith, Sara Fair, & Heidi Blankenship
  • Sponsorship/Vendor Coordinators: Karen Atwood, Anna Mansell Karagiannis, & Rhesa Durgin

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