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WSRID is the Washington State chapter of RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf). RID is a national organization with a membership of over 20,000 professional interpreters, students, educators and transliterators. WSRID is one of 54 affiliates established to promote and support the mission and philosophy of the parent association.

Benefits of Joining WSRID

Voting rights:

  • Joining WSRID first and foremost grants voting privileges at the state and national level: RID bylaws state that “In order to be a voting member of the RID, you must be a Certified or Associate member in good standing, as well as a member of an affiliate chapter.” ( Similarly, to be a voting member of WSRID, you must be a member of RID.


Professional Development: 

  • Reduced registration fees to the annual state conference and WSRID workshops. 
  • Other RID affiliate chapters may offer "reciprocity" (pay member rates) if taking workshops out of state.
  • Scholarship opportunities for testing (up to two for $150 each) 
  • A lending library of DVDs, CDs and videotapes mailed for free to your home

Professional pride and responsibility:

  • Increased awareness as a newer interpreter of the history and communal effort required to bring us to this place.
  • Leadership opportunities via the board or committees; satisfaction in knowing you have had a part in helping your organization thrive.
  • Being an active part of your organization; contributing to its health

Membership Categories

WSRID's membership term is from January 1st to December 31st annually.
Membership in WSRID does not automatically make you a member of RID.
WSRID recognizes 6 categories of national membership below:

Certified: $45/year

Individuals holding current RID certification as awarded through the National Testing System. RID has established a process of certifying interpreters on the basis of an examination by a board of evaluators. More information on the certifications that RID currently recognizes can be found at

Associate: $40/year

Individuals engaged in interpreting or transliterating but not holding RID certification.

Student: $35/year

For students enrolled in an interpreter preparation program with proof of full-time status. Does not include eligibility to vote.

Retired: $35/year

A Certified member who upon reaching the age of 55 or older elects to retire from working as an interpreter. Does not include eligibility to vote or reduced event registration fees.

Supporting: $35/year

Individuals who support WSRID but are not engaged in interpreting. Does not include eligibility to vote or reduced event registration fees.

Organizational: $35/year

Organizations and agencies that support WSRID. Does not include eligibility to vote or reduced event registration fees.

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