Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

"Sign Less, Mean More"

Saturday, October 5th • 2:30—4:00 PM
Presenters: Shawn Broderick & Paul Bert  |  CEUs: 0.15 PS
Held in Washington C

Description: This workshop will give participants an opportunity to examine and practice message identification, summarizing, and paraphrasing of the message. We will look at interpreting theory and discourse analysis, and then discuss how these ideas can support the creation of a clear interpretation. 
* Educational Interpreter Emphasis

Video Description

Picture of Shawn Broderick
Shawn Broderick

About Shawn Broderick

Shawn is a Deaf trainer, teacher, and consumer of interpreting services. He has been presenting workshops for non-certified and certified interpreters both on local and national levels for many years. He has extensive experience educating interpreters as a faculty member in interpreting programs at a variety of institutions, including at the graduate level, as well as a trainer for video relay interpreters. Shawn comes to you with a passion for the interpreting process and hopes to engage his audience in a rich dialogue that will improve upon their knowledge of interpreting for Deaf people.

Picture of Paul Bert
Paul Bert

About Paul Bert

Paul has been interpreting since 1985. He found ASL when he was young, he was lucky enough to meet some Deaf people. He has interpreted in a wide variety of settings. Recently, he has been the Interpreter Coordinator for the Deaf Program in the Tacoma School district, as well as working with interpreters statewide in his role as the Interpreter Support Person for CDHL. He continues to try to figure out how to align the interpreting field with the needs and desires of Deaf Communities.

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