Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

WSRID/WSAD Conference 2019



Submission Deadline: May 22, 2019

About the Conference: The conference is scheduled for October 3–6, 2019 at the Marriott (Seattle Airport) in SeaTac, WA. Approximately 200 individuals or more are expected to attend the conference hosted by the Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (WSRID) and the Washington State Association of the Deaf (WSAD).

Goal of the Conference: WSRID and WSAD are partnering together to host the 2019 conference. Attendees of the conference can expect to be a part of an event designed to nurture our community, build skills, and empower through learning. The conference is open to all interpreters and all members of the Deaf, DeafBlind, and HoH community. Trainings will be provided that satisfy CEU requirements for interpreters working to maintain their RID certification, which shall include topics related to the new Power, Privilege, and Oppression requirements. The conference will also serve as an opportunity to celebrate the history of WSRID (50th Anniversary), learn more about WSRID and WSAD as organizations, participate in networking events, and to highlight the diversity that makes our communities dynamic.

WSRID Mission: WSRID has the mission to educate, to support, and to promote the RID certification of interpreters and to inform the general public about the interpreting profession.

WSAD Mission: The Mission of WSAD is to promote, protect, and preserve the rights and quality of life of deaf individuals in the State of Washington.

Submissions may fulfill either organization’s missions; however, proposals that satisfy both are highly encouraged. 

Compensation: Compensation will be determined based on the length and number of workshops per presenter, as well as consideration of expertise, time, and travel. Please list any expectations you have in this regard on your application and whether or not you are willing to negotiate.

Communication Policy: WSRID, as a diverse and inclusive body, has adopted a formal communication policy of direct communication in ASL for all WSRID sponsored events. We ask that all attendees honor this policy throughout the conference. 

Questions? Please contact the conference chairperson, Colleen Jones.


Planning for the 2019 WSRID/WSAD Conference is in full swing.

This conference will be a celebration of WSRID’s 50th anniversary and will be an opportunity for interpreters and the Deaf community to connect, learn, and socialize. The conference will be held at the Marriott in SeaTac from October 3rd–6th. The theme for this year’s conference is “Make it Matter.”

We believe that the key to a successful conference is putting together an excellent team of people who have the skills and drive to get stuff done. If you are interested in joining one or more subcommittees and sharing the load to make an awesome conference happen, please email conferencewsrid@gmail.com.

Looking forward to working with you!

Conference Subcommittees:

  • Interpreters & Accommodations
  • Site & Food
  • Sponsors & Vendors
  • Registration
  • Technology & App
  • Social Justice & Inclusion
  • Marketing
  • Volunteers
  • Programming
  • Silent Auction
  • Entertainment
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