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Over the past 50 years, the members of WSRID have formed and committed to numerous activities and causes. Sometimes these efforts resulted in a WSRID committee, a special interest group, or a community task force. Thank you to all who have donated their time and energy to these efforts! The current committee list is representative of the work being held by the board and members. We need your support and we are always seeking new ways to support our membership and our communities. Please consider how you can support WSRID with your time, skills, and ideas!

If you are passionate about a specific topic or cause and want to learn more about forming a committee or special interest group, please contact the Governance Committee for support and guidance.

Budget Committee

Coordinator: Paula Bazinet

Members: Karen Carlson

Liaison: Claudia Kienholz

Focus: The budget committee prepares and monitors the annual budget, reviews quarterly financial reports, and makes financial recommendations to the board.

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Budget Committee Page

Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP)/CEUs

Coordinator: Ashley Cavallaro (CMP Sponsor)

Members: Alyssa Salley

Liaison: Anna Mansell-Karagiannis

Focus: The WSRID CMP committee works to support the interpreting community’s continuing education goals by processing CEUs for both RID-sponsored activities and PINRAs. WSRID was recently approved as a RID-CMP sponsor and we are  launching a pilot program offering some complimentary services to WSRID members. To learn more, visit the CMP Committee page using the link below.

If you have questions about RID's requirements for continuing education/certification maintenance, would like to request processing for CEUS, or want to support the committee work, please contact us!

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CMP Committee Page

Communications Committee

Coordinator: Elizabeth Bass

Members: Drew Pidkameny & Anna Mansell-Karagiannis

Liaison: Rogan Shannon

Focus:  The communications committee works to maintain the WSRID website, work with the President and other committee coordinators to send quarterly reports and WSRID related event information to the membership, and to forward professional development and community news to subscribers of the WSRID List Serve.

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Communications Committee Page

Conference Committee 2025


Members: Anna Mansell-Karagiannis & Rogan Shannon

Liaison: Franki Thornton

Focus: The conference committee is responsible for the planning of the next conference.

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Conference Committee Page

Community Outreach Committee


Members: Rogan Shannon

Liaison: Drew Pidkameny

Focus: The outreach committee is responsible to coordinate and assist efforts to serve and support the communities in which members engage.

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Community Outreach Committee Page

DEI Audit Committee


Members: Franki Thornton & Claudia Kienholz

Board Liaisons: Shanta Corra

Focus: The DEI Audit Committee will review and provide counsel on WSRID governance and activities to support.

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DEI Audit Committee Page

Governance Committee


Members: Claudia Kienholz & Franki Thornton

Liaison: Anna Mansell-Karagiannis

Focus: This committee reviews all governing documents and proposes revisions as needed, monitors compliance with state law, and coordinates nominations and election of board members.

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Governance Committee Page

Membership Committee


Members: Drew Pidkameny & Claudia Kienholz

Liaison: Franki Thornton

Focus: The membership committee will actively reach out and engage with members, assess member needs and interests to strengthen the interpreting field, and support preparation for the annual membership meeting.

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Membership Committee Page

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Coordinator: Coordinators Needed!

Members: Currently inactive — Members needed!


Focus: The professional development committee coordinates PD activities for WSRID members. PD activities may be workshops (online or in-person), professional meet-ups, or sharing CEU and learning opportunities from other organizations to the communications coordinator.

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PDC Committee Page

Scholarship Committee

Coordinator: Madison Chester

Members: Anna Mansell-Karagiannis

Liaison: Shanta Corra

Focus: The scholarship committee is responsible for administering the funds for WSRID scholarship recipients who are taking performance examinations through RID (CDI or NIC) or Boys Town's (EIPA). The committee also advises the board on the application process, communicates with awardees, and creates relevant announcements when needed.

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Scholarship Committee Page

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