Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

WSRID Committee Coordinators

* Indicates that a committee is currently chaired by a board member or is vacant

2021 Conference: Donna Waker & Melissa Klindtworth -- conferenceWSRID@gmail.com

Budget: Donna Walker -- donnainterpreter@hotmail.com

By-Laws: Valerie Mannucci -- WSRID.Bylaws@gmail.com

Certification Maintenance Program/CEUs: Anna Mansell & Kristin Deverin 

Educational Interpreters: Rhesa Durgin 

Fundraising: Position open* -- wsrid.fundraising@gmail.com

Legislative Committee: Whitney Hill -- wsridlegcommittee@gmail.com

Lending Library: Amber Havers -- wsrid.library@gmail.com

Membership Inquiries & Correspondence: * Elizabeth Bass -- wsridmembership@gmail.com

Motion Review: * Caroline Allen

Communications: * Elizabeth Bass 

Nominations: * Caroline Allen

Professional Standards Committee: 

Educational Interpreters: * Rhesa Durgin

Legal Interpreters: Donna Walker -- donnainterpreter@gmail.com

Regional PDC-East Chair: Teresa Ford -- wsrid.pdceast@gmail.com

Regional PDC-West Chair: Anna Mansell -- wsrid.pdc@gmail.com

Scholarship Committee: Eloisa Williams -- wsridscholarship@gmail.com

The Gap: * Caroline Allen

Website: * Elizabeth Bass -- wsridwebmaster@gmail.com

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