Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Shelly A. Smith
Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Shelly A. Smith who worked diligently to support interpreters on their road to national certification.

Kathy Loucks
Educational Interpreter Scholarship

Named in memory of Kathy Loucks, a WSRID colleague who was passionate about educational interpreting, the EIPA process, and an ardent supporter of K-12 interpreters.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship committee is responsible for administering the fund for WSRID members who are taking a performance examination through RID.  

Committee Coordinator: Madison Chester  [email]

Board Liaison: Shanta Corra  [email]

Committee: Anna Mansell Karagiannis & Rhesa Durgin

WSRID Scholarships

WSRID provides scholarships for interpreters currently on the path toward professional certification. WSRID will offer four (4) scholarships per year. The scholarships will be awarded twice a year, two in May and two in November. Scholarships will pay the full cost of test fees (or up to $500, whichever comes first) for the following exams:

  • CDI Performance Exam (RID) (first time or re-take)
  • NIC Performance Exam (RID) (first time or re-take)
  • Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA Diagnostic Center – Boys Town)

Scholarship Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be actively involved with the profession and working toward certification.
  2. Must be planning to work in Washington State once certified.
  3. Must be a member of RID (for NIC and CDI exams).
  4. Must submit their application before taking the exam.
  5. May not have previously received a scholarship for this specific exam.
    • If you are re-taking a performance exam, but have not previously been awarded a scholarship, you are still eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Timeline:

  1. Fall scholarships will be available from August to October. The scholarship committee will submit recommendations to the board before their November board meeting, at which time they will select two awardees. 
  2. Spring scholarships will be available from February to April. The scholarship committee will submit recommendations to the board before their May board meeting, at which time they will select two awardees.
  • Awardees will be notified via email and will receive a coupon code to use for payment of their exam. Please note, codes are set to expire within 6 months of receipt.

RID Requirements for NIC Performance Exam:

In order to take the NIC performance exam, RID requires that applicants have a bachelor’s degree (of any major) or use RID’s Alternative Pathway by submitting an Educational Equivalency Application (EEA). The EEA awards experience credits for:

  1. College Classes
  2. Interpreting Experience
  3. Professional Development

*120 experience credits are the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree

To apply for the performance exam via the Alternative Pathway one must submit:

  1. A completed Educational Equivalency Application
  2. Supporting documentation for experience (specifics can be found in the application)
  3. A processing fee of $50 to RID

This documentation can be submitted to RID by email or by logging into your RID Member Portal and clicking “Upload Degree Document” (see screenshot).

If you are using RID’s alternative pathway to satisfy the requirements for certification and you need support or have questions, you can email the WSRID Scholarship Committee or the WSRID President.

Also, please see read the RID’s Educational Equivalency Application FAQ Sheet.

Scholarship Application

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