Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

"The Law of Reciprocity"

Saturday, October 5th • 3:00–6:00 PM
Presenter: aj granda  |  CEUs: 0.3 PPO
Held in Washington D

Description: This workshop will focus on the principle of reciprocity and how it influences our sense of community, our social justice work, and the relationship between the Deaf, DeafBlind, and interpreting communities. A brief introduction will be followed by group discussions on autonomy, reciprocity, collectivism, and protactile. Members of the Deaf community and interpreters are encouraged to attend. 

Picture of aj granda
aj granda

About aj granda

aj granda is a DeafBlind queer mom, teacher, social justice activist, and textile artist. She hails from Carlsbad, California and has lived everywhere before making Seattle her home. aj has been active in bringing changes and new ideas to Seattle’s DeafBlind community for the past 18 years. aj worked alongside the Seattle DeafBlind community as the forerunners of the famous Protactile Movement. aj co-authored the first article on "The 7 Principles of Protactile" and is developing a new curriculum to teach Protactile ASL to DeafBlind and sighted people. aj also has worked with the famous DeafBlind Retreat Team of the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc for the past 17 years. aj strives to connect people and build bridges between communities. "...making textile art saves the world everyday"

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