Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

"Social/Emotional Considerations in Educational Interpreting"

Saturday, October 5th • 4:30—6:00 PM
Presenter: Charlene Williams  |  CEUs: 0.15 PS
Held in Washington C

Description: This workshop will discuss what we bring to each classroom each day. What do we contribute to the classroom dynamic and how can we be aware of our impact? How can our approach and mindset positively impact the setting and experience for all individuals in the room? What traits can we hone to provide equal access to the students? Participants will explore three traits that can be incredibly effective in our interpretation, collaboration with coworkers, and relationship with students. As individuals who happen to be educational interpreters, how can we be our best selves before we walk into the classroom? 

Video Description

Picture of Charlene Williams
Charlene Williams

About Charlene Williams

Charlene graduated from an ITP in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1995. She has worked as an interpreter in educational settings, VRS, and freelance. She recently joined the Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth (CDHY) Outreach Team as the Educational interpreter mentor coordinator. She has mentored educational interpreters for four years and taught workshops across the state. Charlene has her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and enjoys contemplating the inner workings of interpreters and how we make decisions while we work.

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