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"Translation and Inclusion of Socio-Cultural Perspective"

Friday, October 4th • (Part 1) 9:00—Noon & (Part 2) 3:00—6:00 PM
Presenter: Eileen Forestal  |  CEUs: 0.6 PS  *Must attend both sessions*
Held in Washington D

Description: There is limited research on Deaf translators and their approaches to translation. New research on Deaf translators will be shared which will support the argument that translation should be viewed through a socio-cultural perspective. Deaf translators provide that perspective through their formative experiences, language, and cultural competence to add depth, context, and more meaning to ASL/English translations. There will be group activities for developing and applying socio-cultural perspectives in provided written texts for translation. Group discussions will entail feedback and mentoring for translation work. Recommendations and resources will be provided for continuation of skill development in translation for Deaf interpreters and for hearing interpreters.

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Picture of Eileen Forestal
Eileen Forestal

About Eileen Forestal

Eileen Forestal retired after 36 years as coordinator/senior professor of ASL-English interpreting programs at a college in New Jersey and as a visiting professor at the University of Southern Maine for the year of 2016-2017. She has been certified as a Deaf interpreter since 1979 and interprets primarily in legal and medical settings. Eileen has presented about Deaf-Hearing teams numerous times. She is also a national and international educator. Forestal has been widely published, including “Deaf Interpreters: Exploring Their Processes of Interpreting,” "Deaf Interpreters at Work: International Insights" in Gallaudet University Press (2014), "Emerging Professionals: Deaf Interpreters and Their Views and Experiences on Training" in Interpreting and Interpreter Education: Directions for Research and Practice, Oxford University (2005), and “Deaf Perspectives in Interpretation Research: A Critical Element Long Overdue” in selected papers from the 2014 International Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research, Gallaudet University Press (2015). Her latest article with a co-author, “Deaf Translation: A Socio-cultural Perspective,” was published in Conference of Interpreter Trainers Conference Proceedings (2018). Eileen is a proud recipient of Street Leverage’s National Treasure 2018 Award and CIT/RID’s Mary Stotler Award (presented at 2018 CIT Conference).

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