Proposed changes to the DSHS contract under the HCA effective September 1st, 2011

Click on the links below for more information. Additional files will be posted as they are available.

  • ODHH Explanatory Documents:
    • Delivery System Models (.pdf)
    • ASL vs Spoken Language Changes.pdf (.pdf)
    • Contract Administrator Changes (.pdf)
    • Federal-State Medicaid System (.pdf)
  • ODHH Letter to Language Referral Agencies (.pdf)
  • ODHH Clarification Letter (.pdf)
  • Copy of proposed HCA Broker Contract (.pdf)
  • Summary of changes that are proposed under the HCA (.pdf)
  • WSRID's letter to HCA (.pdf)
  • HCA's response to WSRID (.pdf)
  • WSRID RFP March 2012 (.pdf)
  • Task Force Letter to HCA July 2012 (.pdf)

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