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Self Defense for Interpreters *CANCELED *

  • 14 Sep 2013
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Seven Star Women's Kung Fu: 525 21st Avenue, Seattle, WA
  • 25


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Base fee:

Self Defense for Interpreters

Presented By: Sifu Michelle McVadon

As interpreters we go into a wide variety of settings where we encounter potential dangers. Whether it is walking alone through a parking garage, going to an unfamiliar assignment, or being stuck in a room with controlling clients, we have all experienced moments of fear and intimidation. Increase your confidence and sense of safety in this introductory workshop. Participants will learn practical self-defense techniques incorporating verbal, physical and emotional strategies.

Registration deadlineAugust 28th
(a late fee of $10 for registration after deadline)
RID Content Level: Little/None
CEUs: 0.3 General Studies

Language Policy: This workshop will be provided in English. Interpreters available upon request by August 28.

About the presenter:

Michelle McVadon is head instructor at Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu in Seattle, WA. She has been training in Kajukenbo Kung Fu since 1983 and holds the rank of 5th degree black under her teacher Sifu Barbara Bones. She teaches the Gaylord method of Kajukenbo Chu’an Fa Kung Fu. She has trained in Aikido for 18 years and holds the rank of Sandan.  She trained in Jujitsu under Sensei Sheila Haddad and holds the rank of Shodan. She has taught at the national training camps for the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists, the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation, and Women’s Festival of Martial Arts in Canada. She was honored in 2003 with the PAWMA Martial Artist of the year award.

Michelle has taught self-defense in Seattle to a wide range of populations in the community for 25 years. She was the main instructor for the Fight the Fear Campaign from 2009-2011, which taught Self Defense to underserved communities in the Seattle area including several classes at ADWAS. Seven Star has a 3-4 week Self Defense class taught quarterly and also provides seminars at schools, businesses, and to mother/daughter groups.

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