Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

2014 Board of Directors

Pictured: [front row] Eloisa Williams, Mark Hoshi, Joanna Ball Smith, Schawn Hardesty, Emily Deleon, Caroline Allen, Melissa Klindtworth, [back row] Jason Smith, Paul Glaser


President Eloisa Williams

Picture of WSRID President Eloisa WilliamsEloisa Williams, of Spokane, Washington, is serving her second term as WSRID President. Prior to her current position, she served as WSRID Director for 2 years. A graduate from the ITP at Spokane Falls Community College she later earned her CI, CT, and NIC certifications. Since 2002, Eloisa has been deeply involved in the Professional Development Committee in the Spokane area and firmly believes "If you want something done, you must be willing to assist in making it happen." In addition to her primary work in post-secondary education, she is a freelance interpreter with a special interest in medical assignments. When she can, Eloisa spends time in her garden or reading books. However, the most cherished time is spent with grandchildren.

Vice President Melissa Klindtworth

Picture of WSRID Vice President Melissa KlindtworthMelissa Klindtworth is currently serving as vice president after her director terms that started in 2009. She currently lives in Spokane, WA, and works primarily in freelance settings. She earned her NIC-Advanced certification in 2007. Melissa has enjoyed developing and presenting workshops, and is passionate about keeping interpreting a healthy profession. She first became involved with sign language in high school with a friend, and later went to school for interpreting after her two children started school. She began her A.A.S. degree at S.C.C.C and finished the last quarter at S.F.C.C when she moved to Spokane. She enjoys being an active member of the PDC-East and looks forward to a productive year on the board!

Secretary Courtney Coddington

Picture of WSRID Secretary Courtney CoddingtonCourtney Coddington is the incoming secretary for WSRID, a Seattle Central ITP graduate of the class of 2005, she also has her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Criminology. She currently lives in Kent, WA and works primarily in the VRS setting, but continues to freelance in the greater Seattle area and carries NIC certification. Courtney balances her professional life with volunteer positions within the American Red Cross and local police department. Her free time outside of work and volunteer activities is spent with close friends and family, traveling, knitting, testing out new recipes, and training for an upcoming triathlon.

Treasurer Paul Glaser

Picture of WSRID Treasurer Paul glaserPaul Glaser is a treasurer in his first term. Before that position, he was the director for one and half years. Paul is a high school teacher for Deaf students at the public school in the Seattle area and Mathematics instructor at Edmonds Community College. Paul has a teaching certification in advanced mathematics, Deaf Education and American Sign Language. He is pursuing to obtain a CDI certification. Paul had taught Math and ASL for few years at several colleges and schools before relocating to Seattle, Washington. Outside of his teaching, Paul has been involved with interpreting for Deaf and Deaf-blind people, presenting Math signs workshops, and mentoring. He has a Bachelor's degree in Math and Communication Studies from Gallaudet University and a Master's degree in Deaf Education from Rochester Institute of Technology. Paul lives in West Seattle and Whidbey Island. Paul enjoys playing Wii U, travelling, photography and drinking coffee!

Member-at-Large Emily Deleon

Picture of WSRID Member-at-Large Emily DeleonEmily Deleon is the current member-at-large of WSRID. She graduated from Seattle Central C C ITP in 1998. She has been working in the Seattle area ever since in various settings. Right now she mainly does VRS work. She a daughter, Cheyenne. They live in Kirkland Wa. She also has a sister in Oregon who is an interpreter too.


Caroline Allen

Picture of WSRID Director Caroline AllenCaroline Allen is a director of WSRID, serving the second year of her term. She has great pride with ASL being her first language due to both parents being Deaf. Her professional career started as a community interpreter in 1989. She feels her proudest professional accomplishment was when she became Nationally Certified by RID in 2008 with an NIC Advanced. Currently she is actively involved with the PDC East Committee and is a member of the RID Interpreter Deaf Parents special interest group. When she is not interpreter focused she really enjoys being a Grandma.

Nicole Blue

Picture of WSRID Director Nicole BlueNicole Blue is serving in her first term as a director. She was raised in both Washington and Oregon. She fell in love with the language and rich culture of the deaf world while taking a high school class, and decided that becoming an interpreter was all she wanted to do. She graduated from Western Oregon University with a BA in ASL/English Interpreting in 2009. She became RID NIC Certified in 2009 and has since then worked in various settings including K-12, post-secondary, VRS, Deaf-Blind, and freelance. She currently resides in Lakewood enjoying her newlywed life with her husband and dog. She is passionate about collaboration and support within the interpreting and deaf community. Her goal is to never stop learning in life.

Schawn Hardesty

Picture of WSRID Director Schawn HardestySchawn Hardesty is excited to serve her second term as a director. She was exposed to sign language when she met two deaf neighborhood friends as a child. After graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in Sociology, she took ASL classes at SCCC and continued her education at Northeastern University in Boston, MA while working as an Administrative Support Manager at D.E.A.F. Inc, a statewide nonprofit agency that provides culturally and linguistically accessible programs and services to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind individuals. She moved back west to Spokane to take a position as the Interpreter Coordinator at the Eastern Washington Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and found her true passion: community interpreting. She earned her CI, CT, NIC Advanced and SC: Legal and has volunteered with the Deaf and interpreting communities in many capacities. She enjoys hanging out with her husband and young daughter, traveling, sewing aprons & baby quilts, and practicing yoga.

Mark Hoshi

Picture of WSRID Director Mark HoshiMark Hoshi is a director of WSRID. Former ASL instructor at SCCC. Formerly RSC (now called CDI) certified. Previously served three or four terms as Director on WSRID Board in ’80 and early ’90. Staunch supporter of interpreter’s process and growth. Demands professional integrity and continuous self-assessment. Licensed commercial electrician. Current chairperson for TADA! Enjoys surfing, fishing, camping, traveling, concerts, reading his NOOK, runs the Children’s program at Deaf Family Retreat (Ellensburg) and is a Senior Facilitator for the Deaf Teen Leadership camp at CISPUS, last but not least has been to over 125 Grateful Dead shows.

Jason Smith

Picture of WSRID Director Jason SmithJason Smith has been an RID certified interpreter since 2005. Jason has worked as a freelance interpreter, VRI Service Manager, and VRS Outreach Manager since 2002. Currently, Jason works as a Technology Consultant at the University of Washington, Network Administrator for Seattle Deaf Blind Service Center, and freelance interpreter. Jason graduated with a B.A. in Communication from Washington State University in 2002. Jason has lived in Washington State for 23 years, and was raised by Deaf parents and a Deaf Blind step-mother. In his little spare time, he enjoys playing beach volleyball, basketball, producing videos, and traveling the world with his wife and better-half, JoAnna.

JoAnna Ball Smith

Picture of WSRID Director JoAnna Ball SmithJoAnna Ball Smith CI, CT, MA began learning sign language at a young age in order to communicate with a friend. She holds a B.S. in ASL/English Interpretation from Western Oregon University and a M.A. in ASL Linguistics from Gallaudet University. She has been certified since 1999. JoAnna enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, traveling and hanging out with her husband, Jason. She currently resides and freelances in the Seattle area.

Vacancy: The Student Director Position is currently vacant.


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