Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

2017 Board of Directors

Picture of the 2017 WSRID Board

Pictured: [front row] Mark Hoshi, Caroline Allen, Cortnie Schramm, Tami Berk

[back row] Paul Glaser, Paula Bazinet, Cameron Larson, Elizabeth Bass, John Plecher, Kim Wahlberg


President Paul Glaser

Picture of WSRID President Paul GlaserPaul Glaser, MSE, CDI, is a first Deaf president in his second term in WSRID history. Before that position, he was WSRID Director and Treasurer for about four years. Paul has CDI certification from RID. Paul is the Professional Development Specialist at Sorenson Communications. Paul was the high school and college Math instructor for Deaf students for over ten years. Paul has a teaching certification in advanced mathematics, Deaf Education and American Sign Language. Outside of his teaching, for over 15 years, Paul has been interpreting for Deaf/DeafBlind people, presenting various workshops, and mentoring for interpreters. He has a Bachelor's degree in Math and Communication Studies from Gallaudet University and a Master's degree in Deaf Education from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also took few interpreting courses at Spokane Falls Community College, Gallaudet University, and DeafBlind community classes in Seattle. When Paul can, he enjoys travelling, collecting National Park Service stamps, Photography, drinking different kinds of coffee, and playing Phase 10, Wii U's Mario Kart, and Scattegories.

Video greeting by Paul

Vice President Paula Bazinet

Picture of WSRID Vice President Paula BazinetPaula Bazinet, NIC & Ed:K-12, from Kennewick, and Paula is honored and excited to be joining the WSRID Board of Directors as Vice President. Paula sees her membership on the Board as a way to give back to the Deaf and Interpreting communities who have taught me so much and who continue to allow her to have such a rewarding and exciting career. Paula has a Bachelor's degree in Business & Social Work, and am the former Executive Director of the SouthEastern Washington Service Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (2006-2010). Paula began interpreting in 2007, and have experience in a variety of community interpreting settings. In her rare free time, she enjoys traveling with her family, crocheting, and reading.

Video greeting by Paula

Secretary Caroline Allen

Picture of WSRID Secretary Caroline AllenCaroline Allen completed her second term as a Director and is deeply honored to be nominated as a Secretary. Born & raised in Spokane, Washington she has great pride that ASL is her first language due to both parents being Deaf. Her professional career started as a community interpreter in 1989 and feels her proudest professional accomplishment was when she became nationally certified by RID in 2008. Caroline has been actively involved in many projects, presenting at the Deaf Teen Leadership Camp, the showing of Audism Unveiled in Spokane and the planning committee for the WSRID Together 2014 Conference. When she is not interpreter focused she really enjoys being a grandmother to her grandkids and a daughter to the sweetest Deaf person she knows.

Video greeting by Caroline

Treasurer Kim Wahlberg

Picture of WSRID Treasurer Kim WahlbergKim Wahlberg is serving her first year as Treasurer. She is a Montana native, but has called Seattle home for the past fourteen years. From a young age Kim has had a passion for learning American Sign Language, and moved out West to pursue her goal of becoming an interpreter. She lives near Shoreline but freelances anywhere from Everett to Tacoma. In 2004 she graduated from the Seattle Central ITP with two degrees. Kim has her NIC certification and mainly works in the VRS setting, but continues to freelance as much as possible. In her free time she likes to be with friends, reading almost anything she can get her hands on, and going home to Montana to be with family as often as possible.

Video greeting by Kim

Deaf or DeafBlind Community Member-at-Large Mark Hoshi

Picture of WSRID Deaf/DeafBlind Community Representative Member at Large Mark HoshiMark Hoshi is the Deaf or DeafBlind Community Representative Member at Large of WSRID. Former ASL instructor at SCCC. Formerly RSC (now called CDI) certified. Previously served three or four terms as Director on WSRID Board in ’80 and early ’90. Staunch supporter of interpreter’s process and growth. Demands professional integrity and continuous self-assessment. Licensed commercial electrician. Current chairperson for TADA! Enjoys surfing, fishing, camping, traveling, concerts, reading his NOOK, runs the Children’s program at Deaf Family Retreat (Ellensburg) and is a Senior Facilitator for the Deaf Teen Leadership camp at CISPUS, last but not least has been to over 125 Grateful Dead shows.

Video greeting by Mark


Elizabeth Bass

Picture of WSRID Director Elizabeth BassAs a Navy wife and mother, I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience many different “mini” careers, mainly involving art, computers, and (believe it or not) mechanics. A new opportunity presented itself every time we transferred. These experiences have worked together to give me a unique background that I believe will enhance my ability to interpret in different situations as I grow as an interpreter and team member. After graduating ITP in 2011, I went to work at the Deaf-Blind Service Center to increase my language and cultural experience while using my previous office and Braille skills to support a community I dearly love. After my husband and I moved from the Seattle area to Yakima in 2015, I started working as an educational interpreter in the Yakima School District. I look forward to what the future holds as a wife, mom, grammie; and, as an interpreter and friend to the Deaf/DeafBlind Community… and now as a member of the WSRID Board of Directors!

Video greeting by Elizabeth

Tami Berk

No Profile Available.

Josie Krueger

Picture of WSRID Director Josie KruegerJosie Krueger is deaf transgender woman with multiple sclerosis. She comes from a deaf family. She grew up at California School for the Deaf, Fremont and attended Gallaudet College/University. Yeah, She went there when they were still a college then went back when they became an university. Josie has lived in 6 different states, living here for 5 years. Passed her CDI written exam and will have to wait to take performance exam as RID has suspended exams for a while.

Video greeting by Josie

Cameron Larson

Picture of WSRID Director Cameron LarsonCameron Larson is grateful for the opportunity to serve in his first year on the board of WSRID as a Director. Cameron is currently the Program Director of SignOn at HSDC in Seattle. He moved to Washington from Austin, TX after completing a degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. Cameron has been a certified interpreter for over 17 years - first certified by the Texas BEI, and subsequently RID. He is honored to be a guest in such a rich and beautiful community. When Cameron is not working, you can find him on the trails, running, in the water, swimming, or at a park with his dog and partner.

Video Greeting by Cameron

John Plecher

Picture of WSRID Director John PlecherJohn T. Plecher is a former WSRID board director and pleased to be back on the board again with a renewed sense of purpose. John graduated from Seattle University with a BA in Psychology and worked for the Boeing company for over 15 years. In 2005 he graduated from ASLIS, under the tutelage of Dr. Theresa Smith and received his CDI. With the support of NCIEC, John is currently pursuing his SC:L. Besides interpreting, he is an assistive technical specialist training DeafBlind people to use telecommunication technology. John is the proud father of three adult children and one loving granddaughter. He is married to fellow interpreter, Anne Del Vecchio, and together they enjoy traveling, eating and discovering good wine.

Video Greeting by John

Angie O'Bleness

Picture of WSRID Director Angie O'BlenessAngie O'Bleness is excited for the opportunity to serve on the board of WSRID as Director. Angie has her BA in interpreting from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently working on her MA in Interpreting Studies through Western Oregon University. Angie is certified through the alternate pathway of RID: K-12. She has interpreted for over 27 years in a variety of settings ranging from Broadway performance interpreting, VRS, K-12, to post secondary. She currently teaches at the Spokane Falls Community College. Angie loves to read and spend time with her husband and 2 children and thinks about exercising from time to time.

Video greeting by Angie

Student Director Cortnie Schramm

Picture of WSRID Student Director Cortnie SchrammCortnie, our WSRID Student Director, was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. Growing up watching the interpreters at church, she knew she would become an interpreter herself. She is now in her final year of the online Interpreter Training Program through Spokane Falls Community College. She plans to work as an educational interpreter, with the possibility of exploring medical and/or legal interpreting in the future. She is looking forward to being involved with WSRID and learning more about her future career, and connecting the Deaf, interpreters, and the hearing communities together. In her free time Cortnie loves to be outdoors and go on adventures such as hiking, skiing, running, snowshoeing, camping and many more.

Video greeting by Cortnie


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