Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

2015 Board of Directors

Pictured: Paula Bazinet, JoAnna Ball Smith, Jason Smith, Caroline Allen, Rachel Sprague, Nicole Blue, Jenna Schellenberger, Kim Wahlberg, Eloisa Williams, Mark Hoshi, & Paul Glaser


President Paul Glaser

Picture of WSRID President Paul GlaserPaul Glaser, MSE, CDI, is a first Deaf president in his first term. Before that position, he was WSRID Director and Treasurer for almost 3 years. Paul has a CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter) certification from RID. Paul is a high school teacher for Deaf students at a public school in the Seattle area and Mathematics instructor at Edmonds Community College. Paul has a teaching certification in advanced mathematics, Deaf Education and American Sign Language. Paul taught Math and ASL for a few years at several colleges and schools before his current positions in Seattle, Washington. Outside of his teaching, Paul has been involved with interpreting for Deaf and Deaf-blind people, presenting Math signs workshops, and mentoring for interpreters. He has a Bachelor's degree in Math and Communication Studies from Gallaudet University and a Master's degree in Deaf Education from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also took few interpreting courses at Spokane Falls Community College and Gallaudet University as well as Deaf-Blind community classes in Seattle. When Paul can, he enjoys traveling, collecting stamps on his passport from National Park Service, Photography, drinking different kinds of coffee, and winter activities.

Video greeting by Paul

Vice-President JoAnna Ball Smith

Picture of WSRID Vice President JoAnna Ball SmithJoAnna Ball Smith CI, CT, MA began learning sign language at a young age in order to communicate with a friend.  She holds a B.S. in ASL/English Interpretation from Western Oregon University and a M.A. in ASL Linguistics from Gallaudet University. She has been certified since 1999. JoAnna enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, traveling and hanging out with her husband, Jason. She currently resides and freelances in the Seattle area.

Video greeting by JoAnna

Secretary Jenna Schellenberger

Picture of WSRID Secretary Jenna SchellenbergerJenna Schellenberger, NIC, Ed:K-12, is in her first term on the WSRID Board. Jenna works as an Educational Interpreter and also in the VRS setting. Learning sign language to communicate with deaf friends in elementary school sparked her interest in becoming an interpreter. She holds a B.A. in ASL/English Interpretation from Western Oregon University graduating in 2007 and has been certified since 2009. She enjoys working in collaboration and support of Educational Interpreters and Deaf Education. As she feels strongly that every situation deserves to have highly qualified professionals out in the community and in the classroom with our youngest students. When time allows Jenna enjoys reading and traveling.

Video greeting by Jenna

Treasurer Kim Wahlberg

Picture of WSRID Treasurer Kim WahlbergKim Wahlberg is serving her first year as Treasurer. She is a Montana native, but has called Seattle home for the past fourteen years. From a young age Kim has had a passion for learning American Sign Language, and moved out West to pursue her goal of becoming an interpreter. She lives near Shoreline but freelances anywhere from Everett to Tacoma. In 2004 she graduated from the Seattle Central ITP with two degrees. Kim has her NIC certification and mainly works in the VRS setting, but continues to freelance as much as possible. In her free time she likes to be with friends, reading almost anything she can get her hands on, and going home to Montana to be with family as often as possible.

Video greeting by Kim

Member-at-Large Eloisa Williams

Picture of WSRID Member-at-Large Eloisa WilliamsEloisa Williams, of Spokane, Washington, is beginning her 7th year on the WSRID board in a new position of Member at Large. Prior to her current position, she has also served as WSRID President and Board Director. A graduate from the ITP at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, she later earned her CI, CT, and NIC certifications. Since 2002, Eloisa has been deeply involved in the WSRID Professional Development Committee in the Spokane area and firmly believes "If you want something done, you must be willing to assist in making it happen." In addition to her primary work as a freelance interpreter, she works as a Video Interpreter and, on occasion, in post-secondary settings. When she can, Eloisa spends time in her garden or reading books. However, the most cherished time is spent with grandchildren.  

Video greeting by Eloisa


Caroline Allen

Picture of WSRID Director Caroline AllenCaroline Allen completed her first term as a Director and is deeply honored to be nominated again for another two year term. Born & raised in Spokane, Washington she has great pride that ASL is her first language due to both parents being Deaf. Her professional career started as a community interpreter in 1989 and feels her proudest professional accomplishment was when she became nationally certified by RID in 2008. Caroline has been actively involved in many projects, presenting at the Deaf Teen Leadership Camp, the showing of Audism Unveiled in Spokane and the planning committee for the WSRID Together 2014 Conference. When she is not interpreter focused she really enjoys being a grandmother to her grandkids and a daughter to the sweetest Deaf person she knows.

Video greeting by Caroline

Paula Bazinet

Picture of WSRID Director Paula BazinetI am Paula Bazinet, NIC & Ed:K-12, from Kennewick, and I am honored and excited to be joining the WSRID Board of Directors. I see my membership on the Board as a way to give back to the Deaf and Interpreting communities who have taught me so much and who continue to allow me to have such a rewarding and exciting career. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business & Social Work, and am the former Executive Director of the SouthEastern Washington Service Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (2006-2010). I began interpreting in 2007, and have experience in a variety of community interpreting settings. In my rare free time, I enjoy traveling with my family, crocheting, and reading.

Video greeting by Paula

Cindie Beaulaurier

Picture of WSRID Director Cindie BeaulaurierHello my name is Cindie Beaulaurier I hail from Eastern Washington and moved to the emerald city in 2011. As a certified interpreter my profession has allowed me to work in a variety of setting. Freelance, VRS,Coordinating in post secondary, As well as K -12 educational system. I am honored to be nominated as Director. I appreciate all those who have given if their time and efforts to make WSRID a viable organization. I look forward to giving back and serve as director. I am fortunate to have a rich and rewarding career, and for that I am grateful to my parents, daughter and my aunts and uncles who have shared their language and culture with me.

Video Greeting not available.

Nicole Blue

Picture of WSRID Director Nicole BlueNicole Blue is serving in her first term as a Director. She was raised in both Washington and Oregon. She fell in love with the language and rich culture of the deaf world while taking a high school class, and decided that becoming an interpreter was all she wanted to do. She graduated from Western Oregon University with a BA in ASL/English Interpreting in 2009. She became RID NIC Certified in 2009 and has since then worked in various settings including K-12, post-secondary, VRS, Deaf-Blind, and freelance. She currently resides in Lakewood enjoying her newlywed life with her husband and dog. She is passionate about collaboration and support within the interpreting and deaf community. Her goal is to never stop learning in life.

Video greeting by Nicole

Mark Hoshi

Picture of WSRID Director Mark HoshiMark Hoshi is a Director of WSRID. Former ASL instructor at SCCC. Formerly RSC (now called CDI) certified. Previously served three or four terms as Director on WSRID Board in ’80 and early ’90. Staunch supporter of interpreter’s process and growth. Demands professional integrity and continuous self-assessment. Licensed commercial electrician. Current chairperson for TADA! Enjoys surfing, fishing, camping, traveling, concerts, reading his NOOK, runs the Children’s program at Deaf Family Retreat (Ellensburg) and is a Senior Facilitator for the Deaf Teen Leadership camp at CISPUS, last but not least has been to over 125 Grateful Dead shows.

Video greeting by Mark

Jason Smith

Picture of WSRID Director Jason SmithJason Smith has been an RID certified interpreter since 2005. Jason has worked as a freelance interpreter, VRI Service Manager, and VRS Outreach Manager since 2002. Currently, Jason works as a Technology Consultant at the University of Washington, Network Administrator for Seattle Deaf Blind Service Center, and freelance interpreter. Jason graduated with a B.A. in Communication from Washington State University in 2002. Jason has lived in Washington State for 23 years, and was raised by Deaf parents and a Deaf Blind step-mother. In his little spare time, he enjoys playing beach volleyball, basketball, producing videos, and traveling the world with his wife and better-half, JoAnna.

Video greeting by Jason

Student Director Rachel Sprague

Picture of WSRID Student Director Rachel SpragueRachel is a student in the Interpreter Training Program at Spokane Falls Community College with plans to graduate in June. Interested in signing at a young age, she became friends with a Deaf boy who taught her some basic signs. When not at school or working at a local book store, she loves taking pictures, writing, and hearing people's stories. Born and raised in Spokane, Rachel had a passion for adventure and hopes her interpreting career will allow her to go travel anywhere and everywhere in the U.S. She is also the current President of SFCC's ITP club.

Video greeting by Rachel


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